"Which do you want: the pain of staying where you are, or the pain of growth?"

— Judith Hanson Lasater  (via breanna-lynn)

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This, this is about my own some-day daughter. When you approach me, already stung-stayed with insecurity, begging, “Mom, will I be pretty? Will I be pretty?” I will wipe that question from your mouth like cheap lipstick and answer, “No! The word pretty is unworthy of everything you will be, and no child of mine will be contained in five letters.

“You will be pretty intelligent, pretty creative, pretty amazing. But you, will never be merely ‘pretty’.”


— Katie Makkai “Pretty” (via haxyquinn)

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When I told you
you were beautiful
I don’t think you ever
quite believed me

But if it counts for something
let me put it in print

You are beautiful
from every angle
in every light
within every emotion

And it might seem strange
to love fractured land
But I have learned
to find permanence in supernovas
monuments in shipwrecks

So here
for days when you sleep alone
and wake up lonely
Let me remind you
you are beautiful


— Carmen Ye l beautiful (via wordsileftbehind)

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  • Friend: *sneezes*
  • Me: Bless you
  • Friend: *sneezes five more times*
  • Me: chill
"A serious girl, when she finds someone who calms her spirit and quiets her busy thoughts, will love you so fiercely, it will defy even her own logic and reasoning."

— Unknown (via perfect)

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A relationship with no gender roles>
We both hustle, we both cook, we both clean, we both pay, we both spoil each other.

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My boo looking fly in my new flower hat! #boo #flowers #hemissedme

My boo looking fly in my new flower hat! #boo #flowers #hemissedme


I ultimately just want to be satisfied with myself.

I want to get to a place where I’m enough for myself.

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