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Shots fucken fired.

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"Love is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in things we do for each other every day."

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"In a relationship, you need somebody who’s going to call you out, not somebody who’s going to let everything slide. You need somebody who doesn’t want to live without you, but can. Not somebody that is dependent, but somebody who is stronger with you. A relationship is two people, not one."

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this is for real, very important stuff right here

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How To Get Away With Murder - Summary

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masturbation is just having sex with the person you love the most

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"I like how…."

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"Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie."

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Heartwarming Kickstarter raises $22K to make clothes for people with Down syndrome 

Downs Designs produces jeans, capri pants and shirts for individuals with Down syndrome, a genetic disorder that leaves patients with developmental delays and intellectual disability. Patients with Down syndrome are physically built differently than other people, and as a result often lack access to well-fitting clothes, furthering negative perceptions of people who have the disorder and increasing the condition’s social stigma.

Why clothing options are so limited | Follow micdotcom

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i just love her so much.

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